Freedom RV Christchurch
Factory Backed warranty
Some importers do not offer factory warranties making replacement parts such as panels, windscreens and lights costly and difficult to source. We are the only South Island Agent for Avida, Auto-Trail and Benimar offering full warranty.
NZ Chassis warranty
It is important to check that Fiat, Ford, Mercedes e.t.c. will honour the chassis warranty - this is not the case for many imports.
House appliances warranty
Are your house appliances and equipment covered in New Zealand and are replacement parts available?
Comparing of Chassis
Make sure you are comparing the correct chassis specs and not, for example, a 2.3 litre Fiat with a 3.0 litre Fiat. Also, how "new" is the chassis? Is it a 2015 or actually a 2011? Auto or Manual - these all have an effect on resale value.
Passenger and driver airbags, safe rear exit on the passenger side, diesel heating rather than gas heating, full compliance.
Large beds, full width (some imports are built narrower than NZ and Aus builds), separate shower and toilet, slide out modules, ample storage, designed for free camping - ample water capacity and onboard power.
Ground Clearance
Don't miss out on your favourite spots by not being able to access them!
Resale Value
Is the brand well known? Is it a popular layout? Has it been tried and tested in NZ?