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RV Club: Discovery, Journery, Friendship, Freedom

The RV Club (RVC) was formed in Australia in 2004 to enable motorhome owners to maximise the benefits of the motorhome lifestyle and to share the experience with like minded people.

Neil and Kate Whithear brought the RVC to New Zealand in 2008 with the inaugral “Top of the South” Safari which took participants from the vineyards of Marlborough, inland via the Nelson Lakes then onto the stunning beaches of Nelson and Golden Bay. Such a success was the Safari that Safari Two and Three were organised immediately.

Neil and Kate’s main focus of the RVC in NZ is to bring together it’s members through Events and Safaris. “Our Safaris are all about having fun and not imposing strict timelines” says Kate Whithear. “We allow for plenty of free time and have optional activities organised such as a scenic boat trip, or a round of golf”.

There are very few rules and regulations to the RVC. You do not need to own an Avida motorhome to join but your motorhome must be under 15 years old and be a factory built motorhome. Members enjoy a host of benefits including Roadside Assist, Prestige Help and a monthly magazine.

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Top of the South - Nov '08
Untouched South - Apr '09
Wild West - Mar '10